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Sustainable Central Area/Ecourbanism


Global Warming and the resulting climate change are not about saving the planet Earth. It is about preventing the extinction of human beings and those living flora and fauna that will become extinct with humans. Ecourbanism, the building and transformation of cites towns and neighborhoods into sustainable human settlements are critical to saving mankind. I like humans, I am one.

I am proposing to convene a group of architects, landscape architects, planners and engineers who live in the Central Area with the intention of forming Sustainable Central Area. We will be a collaborative. We will not be alone. I have made contact with Sustainable Ballard and they are willing to support us in our formative stage. There are like groups emerging in districts all over Seattle. Sustainable West Seattle and Sustainable Fremont are some of these emergents.

In late 2007 the City of Seattle passed two climate change ordinances. One requires that the city SEPA ordinance consider the carbon footprint of a development, assess impacts and require mitigation. The other are amendments to the Seattle Comprehensive Plan that takes a holistic approach to lessening the cityâ??s carbon footprint and provides a long term plan Seattle becoming a sustainable healthy city.

Two topics I will propose to begin a dialogue with at our first meeting are; how could we transform the existing neighborhoods that comprise the Central Area to US Green Building Councils (USGBC) new LEED 3.0 Neighborhoods? How could we work with developers too not only encourage them to build to LEED Silver but to design and build to the new â??Living Building Challengeâ?? of the Cascadia USGBC?
(See www.cascadiagbc.oeg/bc)?

I would like to introduce you to a community called Noisette who is, in a very large scale, transforming themselves into a holistic sustainable community. Go to and see!

If you are a design professional and are interested in forming a Sustainable Central Area please contact me at
[email protected] When I have a mass of at least four of us I will host a gathering.



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  1. Hi Falcon,
    If you have not yet been invited, please come to our community meeting this Thursday, Feb. 7 at 6 pm, Bailey Boushay House in the Madison Valley. Because we have overlapping areas, I thought you might be interested. Check out our website at:
    Sounds like we have similar interests. We are trying to envision our neighborhood in 100 years.
    Ann Hirschi, Certified Arborist, Architect