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SPD Looking At Mini-Precinct at 23rd & Union

The Seattle Times is reporting today that the Seattle Police Department is considering setting up a “Cop Shop” in the old Chesterfield Pharmacy storefront on the southeast corner of 23rd & Union. In addition to creating a more permanent presence in that problematic intersection, it would help save time for officers since they wouldn’t have to go all the way to the East Precinct to file reports, etc. Definitely seems like this would be a win/win for the neighborhood and the police.

h/t to commenter Flee who spotted the story

0 thoughts on “SPD Looking At Mini-Precinct at 23rd & Union

  1. How about another one at Flo Ware Park? I’ll buy ’em an All Purpose Pizza.
    Maybe Blanche Lavizzo too… or Pratt… a nice sandwich from Cafe Vega…

  2. They should build a not too mini police precint on the empty lot across the street and have the gang unit there. Yeah!!!

  3. Yes, D-Saint it’s the police and all the new white people that are the problem, trying to stop all these murders and drug dealing. How very racist of them.

  4. I had a conversation with a friend of mine about the drug problems at 23rd and Union. She said that the police unjustly target these young men. Her reasoning is that they sell drugs to survive and police, arresting people for dealing, are negatively impacting these mens’ families. !!! What?? I can’t stand this type of argument to defend these lazy men. Trying to survive? No! The nice immigrant who was shot was trying to survive, but the right way. He came to this country and worked hard everyday of his life. He could of sold drugs, but he chose to work. he chose to do a job that most of the thugs on the corner laugh at and call him a sucker for doing. They claim that they sell drugs and hustle because there is no other option, but all of these immigrants come to this country hardly able to speak english, and they are able to find jobs and provide for their families. You never hear an immigrant blame their problems on gentrification or police. The losers on the corner choose to be there. They choose to sell drugs. They choose the easy way out. But most of the time, the easy way out comes with consequences. They all know the consequences and should not complain one bit when they finally get slapped in the face.

  5. it’s about time .. I’ve thought that would be the perfect thing for that empty storefront. But won’t they all just move? Is all this new violence just the shake up from things closing down over on Madison?

  6. murders at 23rd and union, shots fired in blanche lavizzo park, drug dealing around my kids. i dont care who’s doing it, i just want it to stop.

  7. Hi D-SAINT –

    Regarding why your last message was hidden, our system will hide a comment if enough other users give it a low rating. This is a community-driven site, and its designed to give readers the ability to self-moderate content.

    Cdguy and me also have the ability to completely delete comments so that they won’t show up at all, but our policy is to only do that if it contains racially offensive or threatening language.

  8. No problem Scott,I jus thought this was a community thing for everyone,an not a specifict group..”Somethan none bias”..I see Sarah up top dosent have any votes an she still exsist..I appreciate what your doing although I see there has to be another perspective of how its being dun to address all point a views,an issues so no one feel’s left out..Thanks man!!

  9. We’re definitely not limited to a specific group. It’s open to anyone to join and participate on the site. We rely on people who join to give their opinion on comments and posts, and help drive the best content & comments to the top of the heap. They may not always be right, but over the long term I think it’s a more fair system than just having one or two of us determine what’s good and what’s not.

  10. Don’t confuse order, productivity and efficiency with racism. The way this site monitors and controls content is standard and accepted for almost all public space on the internet. It’s the reason I can go to wikipedia and know that MOST of the time, I’m getting the right information. Please be informed before you call anything “racism.” Every time we call something that is not racism, racism, we weaken any argument for things that could actually change.

  11. Oh I’m not confused. Don’t you know that “order”, “productivity”, and “efficiency” are all CODE WORDS for racism?? Girl, get with the times. I am noticing you have a very racist vocabulary. I can’t really get into the whole “all public space on the internet” and what is standard practice discussion for obvious reasons. And I suspect you shouldn’t be making those generalities either. You see, there are plenty of self organizing sites that do not “monitor” or “control”. There are also plenty of sites that let you know how the site is administered, errr, as you would say monitored and controlled.

    I suggest you get on a neighborhood planning committee if you are not already on one. There are a whole bunch of folks just like you swarming on this forum, asking each other…
    how can we bring order to this neighborhood?
    how can we get productive and efficient as we befriend the police and hate on the criminals?
    how can we monitor this neighborhood?
    how can we control this neighborhood?

    You all picked your neighbors when you moved here. We did not pick you as our neighbors. But you are here and take up the space that real neighbors once did.

    When white people don’t see something as being racist, they tend to immediately make an intellectual argument about why such and such was NOT racist. May I offer a different suggestion? Why don’t you try to understand why something is perceived as being racist before denying the possibility that it could be?

    Sorry for the shift from sarcasm to real talk. I won’t let it happen again. Oh well, this post will quickly be collapsed to a spunky title.