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One Dead in Fire Near Coleman School – Updated

This morning at 11:38am multiple neighbors called 911 to report a fire in a duplex located in the 1700 block of 25th Ave S, just a block south of the old Coleman School. And despite the valiant efforts of an off-duty firefighter, one person in the building was killed.

When fire fighters arrived they found the wood-framed house to be fully engulfed, with one person trapped in the second floor of one of the units. But by the time they fought the fire enough to make it upstairs, that person had died. No further information is currently available about the victim.

Lt. Sue Stangl said that an off-duty firefighter was among the first to arrive at the scene, and while his wife called 911, he entered the building to look for anyone inside and found it to be empty. Evidently it wasn’t readily apparent that the house was a duplex and he was only checking one side. Upon coming back out, a neighbor told him that they thought someone was still inside, so he went back in to check again, but still didn’t find anyone. He then began to fight the fire with a water hose until the fully-equipped fire units arrived. Lt. Stangl said it would not have been possible for him to enter the other unit.

The cause of the fire is currently undetermined, but investigators are working at the scene now.

This past summer the same block was hit three times in one night by an arsonist. PI article

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  1. At the scene it took me a few minutes to realize that it was a duplex. At first glance it appeared to be a single residence.

  2. Your video gives the report of the firefighting efforts an immediacy that most TV reports do not.

    The footage of a firefighter standing in the smoking, burning room and prying off smoldering bits certainly emphasizes the bravery and dedication of Seattle firefighters.


    Also, the man who died was reportedly the dad of two girls, who go to Kimball Elementary. Tonight at a school event, money was being collected to help the family, as they are now without a home (or a dad). Very sad.
    Since Seattle schools are on break this coming week, I couldn’t tell you where to donate. Anybody know?

  4. He hasn’t been named to my knowledge, but he was identified as the brother of the building’s owner:

  5. I just received this notice in my work email. I have edited out the names since it appears that it hasn’t been released to the public. It includes information about where to donate to the family:

    “Please join me in extending our deepest sympathies to _______ and her two daughters. ____ is an embroidery associate whose spouse was tragically killed in a house fire in their home on Friday. The family is grieving the loss of a husband and father, in addition to having lost their home, household goods and clothing.

    We are working with R Place of Refuge and our EAP to provide support to ____ and family. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know what items the family is in need of and sizes.

    For more information, you may go to Komo News at (cut and paste)

  6. The Family Support Worker at Kimball Elementary, where the deceased man’s children attend school, sent an email to staff saying that donations can be made to Chau Long (wife of the deceased) in care of Dena Hua, 1519 23rd Ave. S., Seattle WA 98144. My children also attend Kimball and this information was passed on to me by their teacher.