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CD Scanner – 2/15

From Friday, 2/15:

10:13am – Harvard & Seneca – Disturbance on metro bus – Man refuses to get off of bus, is yelling an cursing

11:07am – 23rd & union – Hit & Run – Suspect vehicle is a white Chrysler, headed eastbound. Police have plates to car, and it’s registered in Tacoma.

11:35am – 12th & Pine – Road-rage disturbance next to the east precinct

12:06am – 300 block 13th Ave – Elderly man may be getted abused by daughter and other relatives

12:12pm – 2500 block S. Norman – Caller reports seeing marijuana and snorting of white powder at a house. Six black males are reported to be involved. Several units responded and made contact with 5 people outside the house. Evidently there were some tense moments since the radio was held open and restricted from routine traffic for almost 5 minutes.

1:15pm – 703 24th Ave S – Disturbance – Male and female fighting out in the street. Black male, black female, wearing black, and the female is carrying a white teddy bear. Currently headed south.

1:34pm – 100 block 12th Ave – Woman called and said that a female was getting beaten outside, then hung up. Attempts to call her back resulted in additional hang-ups.

1:42pm – 200 block 25th Ave S – Caller reported that two transients crawled under their neighbors deck to have sex.

2:02pm – 1400 S. Lane – Goodwill is holding a shoplifter without ID

2:13pm – 11th & Olive – Middle eastern male chasing a black male down the street. Update: Two white males have joined the chase, southbound on 11th

2:27pm – Broadway – Narcotics activity – Two males exchanging drugs and money in the back of the Jack-in-the-box

3:15pm – Walgreen’s on 15th Ave – Transient in the parking lot going up and trying the door handles on peoples cars, asking for money. White male, stocking cap, dirty leather jacket, dirty leather jeans

3:28pm – 23rd & Union – Robbery – Person called from pay phone at 33rd & Union and said that they were “jacked” in front of Philly’s at 23rd & Union.

3:43pm – 2400 block of Spring – Suspicious circumstance – Caller witnessed someone go into a neighbor’s back door

4:16pm – 18th & E. Glen – Stolen vehicle – Gray nissan pickup with equipment in the back. Last seen headed east on 18th

4:19pm – 319 E. Pike – Narcotics Activity – 8 people selling drugs outside a drugstore

4:25pm – 979 22nd Ave – Black male in gray pants stole a bicycle. Headed south on 22nd.

5:11pm – 900 block of 24th Ave S – Report of 5 shots fired from multiple people in the area. One caller saw someone running eastbound on Judkins – Black male, 25, 6′, tan pants. Police have found spent round casings in the intersection of 24th & Judkins.

5:22pm – 1310 Broadway E. – Female customer assaulted the business manager. Suspect last seen walking southbound on Broadway. White female, white jacket, white pants

5:32pm – 23rd & Union – Black males walking westbound, exchanging drugs & money.

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  1. Does anybody have any more information about this incident in the Judkins neighborhood? Was anybody a witness that could share information with the community?