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Development Update

Things have actually picked up a bit in the development world for the first week of February, but the story is mostly the same as 2007 – townhouses, townhouses, and more townhouses:

First up is 2051 Madison, next door to the Safeway. There’s an application to tear down the building where the Twilight Exit currently resides and replace it with a six story building containing 96 apartments, ground-floor retail, and 104 below-grade parking spaces. You can file your official comment on the project at

There’s a one-story 50’s era duplex at 403 30th Ave E in Madison Valley that will soon be coming down and replaced with two single-family residences.

A vacant lot on the southeast corner of 31st & Yesler will be replaced by a duplex townhouse and a single family residence. This is right across the street from Leschi Elementary and on the downhill slope towards Lake Washington, so the new properties should have a peek-a-boo view from their top floors.

Head south to 906 26th Ave S, and you’ll find a townhouse development currently in the framing stage. The developer has applied to subdivide the lot so that each unit can be sold individually

Just behind that and a few lots south there is a vacant lot that sits high above MLK. The owner of that property got approval to subdivide the lot into six pieces to accommodate the sale of the units in two separate townhouse triplexes.

And finally over at 1918 Spruce St, you find a lot where they’re pouring the foundations for a townhouse development, and the developer there has received approval to subdivide the lot into four pieces:

0 thoughts on “Development Update

  1. Thanks Andrew – That’s good stuff.

    Any word on the future of the Twilight once their building comes down?

  2. No news. In a perfect world the (Dean Falls) property across the street would already have been developed, and they could move back to that side of the street.
    However Mr. Falls seems to be neither developing (he has a building permit and plans) nor selling his Madison Street properties, so who know?
    I presume the development of 2051 E. Madison will be too upscale for the Twilight. Maybe it could move to where Club Chocolate City used to be? Stephan used to be a tenant of Dean’s and it would give Dean some income…..

  3. Hi Scott,

    I got a notice in December re: plan to divide lot at 518 23rd across from Garfield.
    The posted sign was torn up and thrown in the yard of the property, behind a fence, no not sure everyone knows about it. The comment period ended about 2 weeks after notices were mailed to owners here. I have seen no further posts or announcements.
    The plan looks to be 2 townhouses but I cannot figure out how they are going to squeeze it all in there, next to Ezel’s lot. At the house that is there now I see a fairly constant flow of drug users, prostitues, and street folks who have broken in and set up house. The police were called and there was arrest of a group of young people high on crack. I’d like to see the house gone, since it has been abandoned by owners for months. One issue for us here is the environmental impact since we have had flooding on James Street partly due to all the construction sand/dirt flowing with heavy rain waters downhill and blocking the storm drains.

  4. A modest and, frankly, ugly house on Union street just west of 26th Ave just dissappeared within the last three days, I live on 26th and I didn’t see any proposed land use signs. I just have to wonder, where are they all going to park? Also, what motivates people who must be earning twice as much as I do want to buy a new townhome in a neighborhood which has recently seen such an explosion in obvious, street based crime?