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I just got back from my caucus, and what a crazy scene it was. There were 76 people in my precinct alone, compared to maybe 8 or 10 in 2004. The school was completely packed with people wanting to have their say in this year’s election. And as far as I could tell, Obama was winning the day in all precincts.

Leave a comment below about your experience and how your precinct ended up.

Here’s my informal polling of how some precincts in our area ended up:

Precinct Obama Votes Hillary Votes
1864 21 12
1879 111 29
1882 46 8
1883 63 13
1897 112 12
1900 51 2

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  1. Similar scene for my precinct – 1898. Our count:

    Obama = 53 (90%)
    Clinton = 6 (10%)

    Obama therefore received all 4 of our delegates. 2 Uncommitted and 1 Clinton switch to Obama for the second vote which sealed a sweep for Obama. Some great energy in the room!

  2. Obama = 98
    Clinton = 16
    Undecided = 4

    At least one undecided switched before the end, but the room was so packed I never did hear to whom. We ended up with 1 delegate for Clinton, 6 for Obama.

  3. Obama 62
    Clinton 11

    No undecided in the final tally. We ended up with one delgate for Clinton and 4 for Obama.

  4. Here at CDN we’re objective and want to give both parties equal time. Scott went to the Democratic caucus and I went to the Republican caucus. I arrived at the Columbia City Branch of the Public Library and went downstairs to find a packed room. It was beyond capacity and i had to sit on the floor. After a few minutes a (R) caucus official made an announcement that a journalist from Seattle U was trying to get in. Hmm. I thought, and what’s the problem? Is he pushing on the door that reads PULL? No, come to find out the officials were trying to stop him and a photographer from entering. The official said that this caucus is a private meeting and media is not allowed, and instructed everyone not to speak to them. This REALLY bothered me. I don’t consider myself to be media, but I packed up my things and walked out anyway. I couldn’t believe that this was a place to vote for a PUBLIC official and they were trying to do it behind closed doors. So, no Republican Caucus results for CDN. Sorry.

  5. I live in the shadow of TT Minor (where Scott was), but the caucus finder told me to go to Mt Zion. When heading out, I was surprised with the crowd entering Minor and almost went inside to figure if my precinct was meeting _there_. Going to Mt Zion turned out to be the right choice.

    As Andrew’s photos showed, Mt Zion also was packed. This is the most at a caucus I’ve seen in the neighborhood (starting 1980). Wow! There is no way that either Minor or Mt Zion could have held everyone that turned out in the neighborhood.

    1876 elected 6 Obama delegates and 2 for Clinton. Almost everyone was positive, despite our differences.

  6. 43-1888 Mt Zion Baptist Church. 7 Obama 2 Clinton 1 Kucinich.

    The lines wrapped out the door and completely around the whole block…more voters than they have apparently ever seen turn out for any caucus. Every race, class, gender, sexual-orientation, nationality, and background came together today in this Capitol Hill/Central District neighborhood of Seattle. THIS COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY really opened up their ears to each other and respectfully LISTENED to everyone’s point of view (not just their own). I think everyone left this caucus feeling like we all learned alot FROM EACH OTHER.

    The official meeting was supposed to convene at 1:00pm but took until after 2:00pm just to process everyone that wanted to have their voice counted and get them into their prospective precinct rooms. People pro-actively looked to help out others/assisted in expediting the process wherever they could. People who never volunteered a day in their life seemed to find themselves suddenly infused by this grassroots spirit. I am from the pervasively cynical Generation X. I left todays caucus thinking, WOW! Maybe “DEMOCRAY” IS POSSIBLE after all!

    This was the first caucus that many of us have ever bothered to come out for/participate in our lifetimes. (The first election I was able to vote in was 1988 having just turned 18 that year). I walked in today knowing very little about the “caucusing process” and quite suprisingly found myself walking out as an elected delegate.

    As the votes clearly indicate, this AMAZING RESPONSE was resoundingly a reflection of Mr. Obama’s abilities to inspire, unite, bring people into the democratic process and (in doing so) ultimately provide a credible course of change for our country.

    One of the most INSPIRING days of my life!!! I am proud to have participated in/have been a part of this LEGENDARY DAY in WASHINGTON STATE HISTORY! I look foward with (God! should I even utter that unspeakable word)HOPE in the days to come!

    Posted by: Charles Wilson | February 10, 2008 1:58 AM

  7. Their attitude gave you this opportunity to give a far more useful report than any straightforward story on the actual voting would have been. Good job!

  8. Another voice from precinct 1898. A wonderfully diverse (in all respects of the word!), thoughtful, respectful group of people. Many who feel passionately about Obama and a courageous, respectfully received woman who made what I thought were good and thoughtful points about Clinton. This was not an easy choice for me and I so appreciated what folks had to say and am too proud to have participated as well as so proud to be part of this community! Thank you all….

  9. We’re in 37-1886, so we had to go all the way over to Madrona school, even though we live right around the corner from Mt Zion. Confusing. The scene at Madrona was amazing — hundreds of very energized, enthusiastic people. It just had a really great vibe.

  10. I too am in 1886 and was the leader for that precinct. I went 4 years ago and I would estimate there were about 40 of us. This time, there were 108. I want to THANK all the great neighbors in my precinct for your help and efforts— it was great fun and you were all fantastic. It was definitely organized chaos but I would not have it any other way. What a beautiful thing to see about 2000 people in one place who believe in the same ideals as you do, with really only minor differences. I heard from Sue L. that there were just under 2,000 people signed in at Madrona school and the votes were 89% Obama. For our precinct, we gave Obama 4 delegates, and Clinton 1. Thanks again, 1886!!

  11. From 37-1893 It was wonderful chaos.
    117 people signed in. Everyone stepped up to help make it run smoothly. Great discussion about the candidates, too.
    6 delegates Obama (I’m an alternate), 1 Clinton

    Madrona School had over 2000 people!
    Here are the overall results from the 37th:
    Delegates for Barack Obama: 747
    Delegates for Hillary Clinton: 168
    Delegates for Uncommitted: 3
    We had more than 12,000 people attend these caucuses, far more than even our highest estimates. We also raised more than $18,000 for the 37th District!

    People are sharing statewide on: