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CD Scanner – 2/28

From Thursday, 2/28:

10:33am – 23rd & Dearborn – Narcotics Activity – Black female, 30s, smoking a crack pipe

11:46am – Vehicle Pursuit – Southbound on Rainier, Eastbound on Dearborn, Southbound on Hiawatha. Stopped in the 800 block of Hiawatha. Police lost sight of the suspect for a while. An out-of-breath officer reported that they had one in custody, and the situation was under control. Evidently one patrol car was involved in a minor accident during the pursuit.

12:07pm – 200 block 24th Ave E – Disturbance – 19 year old daughter is outside throwing objects at a house

2:28pm – 500 block of 28th Ave S – Gang activity – Police are looking for a person with gang affiliations in a house at this block. One mentioned that a group of people from a gang member’s “crew” were seen going into the residence earlier today.

3:05pm – 3000 block of E. Spruce – Noise complaint about a loud car stereo that’s been going for a few hours

3:45pm – MLK & Alder – Narcotics activity – 3 or 4 people in a car smoking pot in a silver lexus SUV on the north side of Alder near Powell Barnett park

4:29pm – 11th & Aloha – A neighbor heard a girl banging on a door saying “Daddy let me in”.

5:26pm – Broadway & Madison – Beige honda Odyssey heading northbound was brandishing a black handgun out of the window, towards a blue toyota. The honda is registered to a Renton couple.

6:00pm – 23rd & Union – Cryptic transmission: “Things are getting kinda out of hand here at 23rd & Union. I’ve got a couple of hands on a guy here I’m trying to reacquire”. Update: deal going down right now between two black males next to the liquor store. “Dope’s coming out of his left pocket!”. “Southbound on 22nd!”. Suspect went into a backyard in the 900 block of 22nd. Suspect taken into custody in the backyard. Another taken into custody at the liquor store. Not sure which was the dealer and which was the buyer.

6:04pm – 1617 Summit – Intoxicated white male, 40, full beard, cammo jacket, yelling about Obama and Clinton at passersby.

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  1. the 6pm drug bust went down right outside my living room window. It was a sight to see with guns drawn and cops running around my house. It was scary b/c my 2 year old had a friend over. The cops grabbed the guy after a few minutes of searching and cuffed/put him in the car. There were a lot of cops fast! I’m so sick of all this damn drug activity!
    22nd ave mother…

  2. I’m curious as to what exactly this intoxicated gent was yelling. Was he pro-Obama or pro-Clinton, or was he railing against both?

    6:04pm – 1617 Summit – Intoxicated white male, 40, full beard, cammo jacket, yelling about Obama and Clinton at passersby.

  3. We never got a clear indication, but my impression was it was a series of general rants against both. I think McCain has got some very dedicated fans in the cammo-wearing world