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Fatal Car Wreck at MLK & Jefferson

There’s been a very bad car wreck at MLK & Jefferson this morning at 8:40am. Three people have been taken to Harborview, including 2 young kids. People at the scene tell me that the driver might not make it.

Traffic is blocked in both directions on MLK, and will likely stay that way for a while as the investigation continues.

The driver of one vehicle, a large white Ford F-350 towing a construction trailer, told me that he was on his way to work, driving southbound on MLK, when the other vehicle, a blue two-door car driven by a father with his two daughters on board, turned into his lane. Seattle Fire crews had to rip off the roof of the car to extract its occupants. Seattle Police spokesperson Renee Witt said that the driver of the car was taken to Harborview with life-threatening injuries. He was later pronounced dead at Harborview. The youngest daughter was in serious but stable condition. The oldest daughter had only minor injuries but was taken to Harborview for evaluation. Friends of the father said he was taking his girls to school at the time of the accident.

Update x2: Video added. One more video with details from police spokesperson is on its way.

Update x3: 12:24pm – Police are opening up northbound traffic on MLK. Southbound will be closed pending cleanup from SDOT crews.

Update x4: 12:58pm – All directions of MLK are now open to traffic. And our second video with a statement from an SPD spokeswoman is now available above.

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  1. Aspect ratio of still photo is off.

    That or we have a bunch of very thin firefighters who travel around in very narrow fire trucks.

  2. We’re still working on mastering Final Cut Express. Our video camera shoots 16:9, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it keep that aspect ratio on an exported still image.

  3. Amen to Elvis’s comment. Also, does anyone know how to follow up on these police investigations? I ask because I recently made a request to the city for a marked crosswalk for pedestrians and bikes between E. Union and Cherry on MLK (and/or more speed limit signs and other signage that would help drivers remember that they are supposed to stop for pedestrians trying to cross at corners). The city said no–not enough accidents nor pedestrian volume. I realize this accident doesn’t involve pedestrians, but it is indicative of the dangers of MLK. It would be interesting to know if one or both vehicles was speeding. Speeding seems to be very common on MLK, and I never see the speed limit or the law that you have to stop for pedestrians being enforced. It would be in the best interests of this community (CD and Madrona) to see what we can do to improve safety in all aspects on and across MLK and prevent tragedies like this. Enforcing the speed limit would seem to be a good starting place.

  4. I live on MLK. Speeding is more common than not on this street and traffic enforcement seems to be rare. People use the center turn for passing with frequency. Lots of kids cross MLK on the way to and from school (Madrona Elementary). It’s surprising that there are not more accidents/tragic incidents.

  5. Yes, he is the father of two girls who attend Madrona School in our neighborhood…girls are out of the hospital and are going to be okay. Mr. Terry Jackson will be missed by all….

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