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CD Scanner – 2/5

From super-busy, Super-Tuesday:

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  1. Have things like this been happening all along in the CD and we never knew about them until the CENTRAL DISTRICT NEWS came into our lives? Have to assume so, because there have always been sirens and helicopters; we just usually didn’t know why. Thank you for being our eyes and ears!

  2. But it’s so damned interesting! And I’d rather be informed if there are hot spots I can be avoiding…like 17th & Columbia today. My my. Busy busy. Thank you very much!

  3. not sure about God, but fine work. now we just need an insomniac to monitor the overnight scanner.

  4. maybe don’t try to play santaclause.

    anyway, yeah, that was me. email me if you want a full scoop.



    the g to the mail


  5. 3:04pm – 15th & Union – Disturbance – Woman on the roof of the Temple De Hirsch Sinai, refuses to get down. White woman, 20s. She’s “acting strange and throwing things off”. Possibly high (in the drugs sense). Waving a large knife toward the parking lot where her boyfriend and another woman are standing. A lot of kids and traffic are in the area because school is letting out, complicating the situation.
    Update: 3:32pm – Police went up on a ladder to get the woman, but she crawled down into a chimney that has a lot of heat coming out of it. Unclear where it leads, but a kiln was mentioned. Seattle Fire is on the scene to help, and may have to do a high-angle rescue.
    Update: 3:50pm – It appears that the chimney leads to the boiler room. Her status is unclear, and it’s not clear how they’ll be able to get her out.
    Update: 4:33pm – Woman is out of the chimney

    what a weird year it’s gonna be. vote groundhog for prez!