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CD Scanner – 2/14

From a gorgeously sunny Valentines Day:

10:21am – 15th & John – Report of two gunshots in the area north of Group Health. One officer reports that he’s just a couple blocks from there and didn’t hear anything. Other people in the area said they didn’t hear anything area.

11:30am – 200 block of 16th – Accident – car ran into the Group Health parking garage. The driver was injured and required medics

1:01pm – 1100 block of Madison – Disturbance – a man at McDonald’s is threatening to shoot another man over a parking spot. The suspect is a black male wearing a black bandana, tan khakis, driving a beige Camry.

2:05pm – 800 block E. Harrison – Narcotics activity – 2 white males and 1 white female smoking drugs

2:33pm – 2100 block E. James – Someone is banging on the callers door, threatening to kill her.

3:21pm – Outside Bailey Gatzert Elementary – Some parents are arguing over a parenting plan in the street in front of the school. Black male and hispanic female, in their 40s. Their child(ren) are safe inside the school.

3:47pm – 3300 block E. Yesler – Threats made against a property owner by an evicted tenant

4:20pm – 1500 block of Broadway – man at the Shell station is harassing customers

4:35pm – 1700 block Belmont – Fight Disturbance – Two residents of an apartment building got into a fight in front of it. One walked away on belmont, the other went back inside

4:46pm – 417 Broadway E. – Man trying to pass off a forged prescription at the QFC pharmacy

5:20pm – 18th & E. Highland – Suspicious Circumstance – Caller reports man who may be casing houses in the area, crouching down in bushes, etc. White male, 5’10”, green shirt

5:39pm – 1700 block MLK – Disturbance – Ex girlfriend is outside the house, trhwoing things at the house.

5:40pm – 1410 E. John – Safeway holding an 8 year old shoplifter. 2nd day in a row for this young go-getter

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