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CD Scanner – 2/19

Here’s the report from Tuesday, Feb. 19th:

9:45 am – 100 block 19th Ave – Family disturbance – Elderly caller says her son took the distributor off of her car.

10:13am – 1800 block of Bellevue Ave – Noise complaint against a neighbor in the same apartment complex

11:33am – 301 Broadway E. – Disturbance at WAMU branch – Man threw coffee at the window, and “appears to be on edge”

12:18am – 200 block 22nd S. – Noise Complaint – Caller says her upstair neighbor is making a lot of noise

12:41pm – Silent Hold-up Alarm – Northern Trust Bank – 1414 4th Ave

1:08pm – 400 block of Cherry Ave – Narcotics Activity

1:13pm – Boren & Jackson – Weapons Call – Three juvenile black males, 15-17, walking westbound – One of the juveniles pulled a gun out of his pocket and pointed it at the ground. He then put it back under his waistband.

2:02pm – 523 15th E – Someone dialed 911 from a payphone and said that a person had been shot, then hung up. No other calls about it. Appears to be a prank, as responding units haven’t found anyone in the area.

3:37pm – Disturbance – Woman is standing in the middle of 15th screaming

3:42pm – 800 block of Terry Ave – Man trying to sell crack cocaine. Black male, 30s, gold teeth

4:14pm – 600 block 20th Ave E – Neighbor in the house across the street is making threats against the caller’s life. It’s an ongoing problem but the caller never sees her, only hears her from outside the house (spooky!). The offending neighbor is a white female in her 50s

4:19pm – 800 block Lk Washington Blvd – Man is casing houses in the area, walking up and knocking on doors and then leaving. Black male, 30s, white leather jacket

4:32pm – 200 block 20th Ave S – Theft – Ex-boyfriend was picking up some of his stuff, ended up making off with some thing that didn’t belong to him

4:50pm – 1515 12th Ave – Disturbance – Man refuses to leave storage facility

5:06pm – 600 Pine – Bank robbery at WAMU branch. No weapon seen. White male, 37 years old, gray cap, dark sun glasses

5:54pm – Lk. Washington Blvd – Man assaulted with a bb gun by 4 unknown race males in a 4-door sedan

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