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CD Scanner – 2/20

12:23pm – 500 block 28th Ave – Weapons call – The caller’s brother pulled a butcher knife on him and stole his keys

1:16pm – 700 block 26th Ave – Complaint that one hispanic male and three white males are in a house doing drugs

1:35pm – 12th & King – Police are out with a high or mental person who is waving his arms around

1:55pm – 28th & Lane – Complainant needs police to stand by while she picks up some things from her ex-boyfriend who has previously threatened her. There’s some confusion about whether she truly owns the property she’s there to pick up. The police units assigned to this task seems less than excited.

2:32pm- Hit & Run – 16th & Jefferso – Offending vehicle left southbound. White 98 olds Intrepid 4-door, registered to an Edmonds address

3:06pm – Disturbance – Harvard & John – 3 transient-looking white males walking down the street, yelling racial slurs

3:10pm – 2600 block Bellevue Ave – Fire is responding to a DOA that could be suspicious – 26 year old with heavy medication. There’s two large rottweilers in the apartment that are complicating efforts. Calls are going out for leashes and loops. Animal control is on the way. Officer: “I don’t really want to get into a situation where we have to shoot a dog if we don’t have to.”

3:42pm – 1600 block Summit Ave – Two females smoking drugs in front of a building

3:48pm – Disturbance – Cal Anderson Park – Two white males, 20s, banging on metal objects. Much-beloved Crusty Cop(tm): “Would those metal objects be called drums?” Dispatch: “They did not say”. A thorough investigation revealed them to be unamplified drums.

3:55pm – Crusty Cop, regarding a man who wants police to file papers on his neighbors who are trying to kill him: “Yeah. That guy’s crazy. I’ll go talk to him.”

4:50pm – 900 block of E. Mercer – Someone found evidence of crystal meth bags dropped into an apartment building laundry chute. Complainant thinks he knows the white female resident who is responsible

5:06pm – 26th & Alder – Several mixed-race males drinking alcohol in a vehicle

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  1. “Crusty Copy” is our nickname for one of the east precinct officers we hear on the radio who is delightfully gruff, frequently sarcastic, and chock full of institutional history for the local criminals in our area. He’d be the perfect model if you needed to write a 70’s TV drama about a crusty but benign, hard-nosed cop that’s tough to get along with but always gets the job done.

    His true identity remains a mystery…