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Open Letter To Safeway Shoppers

Now, I know that Festivus was over two weeks ago, but I have to air a grievance today.

So, I’m gonna keep in line with tradition and say, “I’ve got alot of problems with you people!” Specifically, those of you who shop at the 23rd and Madison Safeway and don’t know what to do with your basket when you’re finished. Tonight I counted nine baskets aimlessly left around the parking lot, just waiting to slam into my car. Three of the baskets were within three feet from the basket coral. Yeah, that’s right, basket coral. Are we that lazy? We’re you absent the day Mom taught Shopping Basket Return? We’ll, there must be some good reason, but I can’t think of one.

For those of you who were absent that day, here’s how it works. After you’ve payed for your groceries, you walk your basket to your car. You empty the contents, and then you walk your empty basket and place it in the basket coral. It’s the big metal structure with plastic red sides, empty baskets inside, and the sign that reads Place Baskets Here. It’s really simple. Also, the Basket Coral is not located in my front yard. Some of you think that it is.

Please, put them back. Don’t be one of those people. I don’t want to have to do this again next year. : )

Oh, you know what? Festivus isn’t technically over yet. No one has pinned me and we all know that Festivus isn’t over until you pin me. See you in the parking lot.

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  1. Anyone know why we don’t have a PCC in the neighborhood yet? There were rumors a couple years ago that they were interested in putting one at 25th & Cherry (where the recently shuttered dry-cleaners now sits). I would love to be able to walk a few blocks to get fresh groceries. In fact I think it was part of a city council ordinance to allow medium -sized grocery stores in areas where they weren’t previously allowed.

    And I know that many newcomers look down on our neighborhood Safeway, but it is a huge improvement over the old days when all we had was Red Apple (Jackson Promenade), the Bad Apple (MLK & Union), Richlen’s, and AM/PM.

  2. PCC? I’m one of the noobs of the neighborhood. What’s a PCC? Do they have Basket Corals? Better yet, do they have armed Basket Coral Monitors?

  3. PCC is Puget Consumers Co-op, if you haven’t figured that one out already :) I visit the one in Fremont often. Good stores, if expensive.

    And while I like the G.O., I dug the old Red Apple in that space too. I didn’t get my produce there, admittedly, but it wasn’t a bad store. That Safeway feels so damn plastic – like someone dropped a grocery store in from orbit or something.

  4. I think when Red Apple left on MLK and Union PCC was contacted and asked to take that space since we needed and wanted more grocery stores in our neighborhood. They apparently thought about opening a store but then there was the issue of Madison Market Co-Op not doing well and PCC said that they couldn’t open a store that would be in competition with the co-op.