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CD Scanner – 1/25

8:48am – 400 block 14th Ave S. – Disturbance between the complainant and a transient that is living in a white ford van, possibly containing other parties inside. Subject appears to be high on drugs.

9:16am – 15th & Denny Way – Disturbance from possibly mental white male, agitated & kicking things in the area.

10:05am – 29th S. & South Irving – Drug activity in a white Winnebago that’s been parked there for several days

10:19am – 1100 block 23rd Ave – Assault/Hang-up – Young sounding female said her cousin just assaulted her and then hung up the phone. Turns out that “a couple of young ladies” came into a store and asked the manager if they could use the phone because they had been assaulted. They then left after the brief call to 911.

11:25am – 1900 block 25th Ave E – Possible burglary – Resident arrived home to find a suitcase in the hallway, thought there might have been a break-in (not a break-up?), and retreated back to the front yard to wait for police. Unknown if anyone is still in the house.

12:18pm – 26th S & S. Dearborn – Burglary in progress – Resident of a nursing home 3 stories up observed a burglary happening at a neighboring property. Nursing home is known to treat dementia patients, so “credibility has not been established”. Suspect trying to get in on the South side of the house. 2nd-hand report said suspect later fled in an unknown direction. Police found a different, neighboring house had evidence of a break-in too.

12:22pm – 100 block 23rd Ave – Caller says she was assaulted by a cousin at 23rd & Union. The name of the suspect was broadcast, and he is a member of a well-known local crime family that rhymes with pack. Our favorite crusty cop knew the family’s exact address from memory. Interesting tidbit: 4 members of that family were arrested on drug charges in one swoop back on the 16th of December. The most notorious of those, who also has an unnatural love of junk collecting, is currently incarcerated in the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center in E. Washington.

12:43pm – 400 Broadway – Prowler – Man seen crawling from a garage up to a neighboring balcony

1:36pm – 12th & Judkins – Car Prowl – Caller witnessed a white male break a car window and grab property from within.

1:48pm – Volunteers for the mail run?

2:01pm – 3230 Eastlake E. – Car vs. Bicycle Accident with injuries. This is the same location where a cyclist was killed back in the fall. Update: medics made contact with the victim, who refused help and went on his way.

2:30pm -Vehicle chase at 100 Broadway E – 4 aboard

2:49pm – Lake Wash. Boulevard – 3 asian males dropping bottles onto the Westbound lanes of I-90. Last seen in a car heading north on Lk. Wash. Blvd.

2:50pm – Providence Hospital ER – Disturbance – security requested help restraining a patient. Cancelled before police arrived.

2:56pm – 1001 E. Pine – Man walked into KFC with blood on his face, couldn’t/wouldn’t explain what happened.

3:11pm – Harborview ER – Sexual Assault – Man in a wheel chair inappropriately groped a female

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  1. I’ve called the cops on the white van before for smoking crack in front of my house (illegal) and sleeping in their van for 2 nights in front of our house (this is not illegal). They dress like gypsies and are very strange….keep an eye out.

  2. me too! I just called the cops on them on Friday night. There was a constant stream of crackheads going to and from the van where it was parked on 22nd in front of the power station just north of union.

  3. Is one of the residents of this van a lady that always wears a helmet? If so, I think they were parked across from my house last year. Evidently they really get around.