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CD Scanner – 1/24

10:13am – 852 Rainier Ave S – Shoplift from Shell station. Asian male left with food and drinks, headed south on Rainier.

10:50am – 421 E. Pine – Shoplift – Shopkeepers are chasing the suspect eastbound on pine.

12:25pm – 2300 block of Franklin E – Domestic Disturbance – Caller says she can hear her neighbors (hispanic male, hispanic female) fighting, with the female member crying, and it sounds like the male may be chasing the female around the apartment. Caller later adds that it sounds like the female is coughing, and the male may be choking her.

1:39pm – 1600 block S. Lane – Disturbance – Man who has previously been trespassed from a property is back and refusing to leave. White male, 30s.

1:59pm – unknown location – Man known to be an internet sex predator is being held

2:10pm – 19th & E. Galer – Complainant, walking, is being followed by a white car with Farmer’s Insurance on the side of it. Perhaps the actuaries are assessing the risk of his style and route of walking?

2:36pm – 25th & Dearborn – Vehicle/Pedestrian accident – Hit & Run – White pickup truck left the scene southbound. The victim is reported to have a major hip fracture.

2:40pm – Road rage – 700 Rainier Ave S – Man in a blue dodge Dakota pickup had followed the female complainant for a long while, and at one point got out and started shouting at her. He later drove away.

2:53pm – Meany Middle School – School security is asking that two non-students be removed from the property. Described as known gang members, black male 14, red sweatshirt, other in a black hoody.

3:07pm – 14th & E. Spruce – Female called to report a rape and an assault. A male was heard yelling in the background. She said she was going to walk to the hospital and refused to give more information about her location or the situation.

3:57pm – 29th & E. Jefferson – Man down, unclear if he’s passed out or just sleeping. Verdict: passed out – officer tried to roust him but was having some difficulty and debated whether to call an ambulance (detox van doesn’t go that far east. who knew…)

4;03pm – 925 4th Ave – Silent holdup alarm at the Regal Bank

4:12pm – Broadway & Pike – Bad decision of the day: Man with outstanding felony warrants (note the plural) caught shoplifting at QFC.

4:50pm – 1400 block 25th – Domestic Disturbance – Case worker reports that a grandmother raising 3 children is having problems with a 17 year old female

5:20pm – 23rd & Cherry – Disturbance at AM/PM – about 20 juveniles are at the store, refusing to leave

5:30pm – 12th & Jackson – Man assaulting a female. Female has injured arm, but is awake and alert. Suspect described as black male, 50s, short hair, sweatpants with white stripe, possibly with a cane (?), blue jeans carried in a bag, dark gray coat worn over a leather coat, wearing sandals, last seen headed eastbound on Main from Boren. Suspect has a possible hideout behind bushes at Rainier & Weller, where “he smokes crack all day.”

6:04pm – 1700 block of 17th Ave -Suspicious circumstance – Woman called to say that her son had jumped out the window, wouldn’t elaborate, and then abruptly hung up after saying “oh, never mind, he’s dead”.

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  1. Living near here and arriving home to see 3 squad cars and the block marked off with crime scene tape, I was a bit concerned.

    Seems that the hit and run is not so simple as evidently the person who was hit and injured was inside the truck to start with, and while the truck was described as white, the person was actually not quite sure. With such a weird description, I would guess drugs or prostitution or both are involved.

    In likely unrelated neighborhood watching, there is however, a large white truck that appears to be doing construction in the area that drives like a maniac, and has nearly run me over doing California stops at stop signs, not once, but twice, down on 26th.