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CD Scanner – 1/21

Here’s what’s happening on MLK day:

10:48am – 300 block of E. Roy – Caller awoke to find his wife, a white female, asleep on the couch. The problem: he has a restraining order against her

11:40am – 2700 block of E. Pike – Disturbance with knife involved. Caller says a woman (white female, mid-40s, white tshirt & gray pants) is inside creating an unspecified disturbance, and she’s armed with an unspecified knife

12:19pm – E. Alder & Lake Washington Blvd – Sinking economy hits the yachting class. Man reports that someone is at his marina trying to repo his boat

12:31pm – 23rd & Pike – Narcotics activity – Woman headed Westbound, selling drugs as she goes. Black female, early 20s, black jacket, black jeans

12:52pm – 12th & Cherry – Man is in the Shell station & refuses to leave. Black male, blue jacket

1:26pm – 1300 block of E. Union – Disturbance – People are hanging around outside an apt building and won’t leave.

2:56pm – 1310 Madison – Man assaulting a woman in front of the Rosa Cafe. Male, 30, black jacket, black jeans. Woman, 30s. Police arrived and found “no parties fighting”

3:14pm – 1400 Broadway – Aggressive Panhandler – Several calls on this guy, one complained that the man grabbed his lighter from his hands as he walked by. black male, 20s

3:36pm – 630 Hillside Dr. E – Request for a blood drive – Some sort of elevator accident that currently has a big medic response in tony Washington Park. (unclear if this is calling for officers to donate their blood, or to deliver it from the blood bank to the accident site)

5:04pm – 27th & Union – Report of a white male, 20s, with a ski cap riding a skateboard in the middle of the street

5:07pm – 200 block of Broadway E. – Burglary – Someone tried to break into a tanning salon, neighbors noticed, and detained the suspect in the elevator. He was later let out of the elevator and was detained by the complainant in front of the building. Sometime later a friend of the suspect walked up and began to verbally abuse the complainant. When police arrived you could hear a lot of commotion in the background. (crime tip #1: don’t use a Metro bus for a getaway. Crime tip #2: don’t include elevators as a part of your post-crime exit from a low-rise building)

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