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CD Scanner – 1/17

So far it’s been a kinda sleepy Thursday on the old scanner:

10:51am – Broadway & Madison – Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Accident

10:54am – Broadway & Jefferson – Narcotics activity – man selling narcotics from the bus stop, when the complainant passed by the man displayed a knife

11:15am – 26th & Cherry – Parking enforcement officer found a vehicle whose license plate was from a completely different vehicle

11:51am – 12th & E Yesler – Injury accident between car & motorcycle

12:35pm – 1300 University – Domestic disturbance – 13th year old grandson threatened to assault the complainant

12:58pm – 23rd & Jackson – Disturbance – 4-5 black males, 18-20, were about to fight in front of the Taco Del Mar. Group split up and kept yelling at each other as they walked in separate directions

2:05pm – 21st & Thomas – Student put his fist through a window.

2:35pm – 2600 S. Jackson – Disturbance – 4 black males, 14-16 years old, all wearing black clothing, kicking the side of a business

3:06pm – 23rd & Cherry – AM/PM – 2 males refusing to leave the front door. 1 previously cited for trespassing at the same location

4:42pm – 29th & Howell – Burglary – Black male & Hispanic male left westbound on Olive in a red jeep. It seems like a witness tried to follow the suspects and they were last seen at 23rd & Olive.

4:51pm – Wamu on Broadway – “Fraud in progress”, white male, 40s, trying to cash a fraudulent check. Taken into custody.

5:30pm – 23rd & Jackson – 10 black juvenile males loitering in front of businesses

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  1. I look forward to CD Scanner posts every day! Both to keep up with neighborhood happenings, and just to picture the scenes:

    Woman yelling at people from her window – Was she waving around a plastic backscratcher? Were the folks beneath the window laughing at her, making her scream more?

    Man selling drugs at a bus stop – How long does he hang out there each day? Have I passed this guy recently?

    Daily Intrigue.

  2. I agree with Sachi! Since I first visted this site, I’ve become hooked on the scanner posts. It’s a great tool to use so I can see what is going on in the neighborhood during the day when I’m away.
    Good stuff.
    Thanks Santa for the present and thank you all for posting the juicy tidbits up here!

  3. I always read these – please continue it. What’s scary is that often I passed the location either a few minutes before or a few minutes after the incident and all seemed quiet at that time. It’s a reminder to stay aware of my surroundings at all times!

  4. I too love these. I especially love whoever pointed out the Deuce 8’s. It lead me on a graffiti walk in my neighborhood today and I was able to tour the streets of past adventures. Many of which I am sure I will find out about only here on Central District News…your place for almost live news.

    ps- There was not much graffiti, and if you walk too far you end up in some rich guys front yard.

  5. Yeah, but how would you feel if you read about your house being victimized on this site before you got the phone call from the police? : P