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Sunday Crime Spree Update

The Seattle PI has a followed up on the gun crime spree we had last Sunday.

The description of the suspects is not very helpful. “male teenagers, all wearing black clothing” – that covers probably 75% of the teenage population in Seattle.

Here’s how it all went down:

7:00 PM – A woman is forced to give up her ’91 Pontiac at gunpoint at 23rd & Dearborn

7:11 PM – Suspects in the stolen Pontiac open fire on a man in his car on 18th near Jefferson

9:30 PM – Shots fired into Thompson’s Point of View at 23rd & Union. Police think it was the same group.

Later that night, two people were robbed at an apartment on MLK in South Seattle, and two vehicles were stolen from the parking lot. Once again, the same group is suspected to be involved.

Monday – The pontiac is found abandoned in Tukwila.

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