Lost Dog: Hazel The Foxhound

Seattle-20130405-00277.FlyerOn Tuesday night (6/19/13) our sweet and stubborn dog Hazel would not get back on the leash at Blue Dog Pond Dog Park (1520 26th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144/ Massachusetts and 26th Ave S). She eventually jumped the fence and we are desperate to find her. Blue Dog Pond Park and our house in the CD are exactly two miles apart.

Have you seen her?

Hazel is a fixed, two year old foxhound rescue from a hording house. She looks like Labrador-sized beagle. She is scared of humans but LOVES dogs; she is a very timid and very gentle dog. If you look directly at Hazel or approach her, she will back away and run. Alternately, she may follow behind you. She wears a blue collar and a tag that reads, “Hazel”.  She is micro chipped.

If you see Hazel please call OR text 206-816-2000 and mention 1) where you saw her and 2) when. Any other details will be very appreciated. I will also be checking posts here as often as time permits.

Any help is appreciated.Seattle-20130411-00293