C.C. Attles site to be developed by Bullitt Foundation

There’s an article in today’s Daily Journal of Commerce (online access for paid subscribers only) about the Bullitt Foundation’s intent to develop the C.C. Attle’s site, which they bought a year ago, with a “uniquely Northwest building.” 

The Bullitt Foundation is looking

“not just for a piece of sculpture” but for a building that performed a series of technically rigorous functions in geology, hydrology and solar applications.

Bullitt’s CEO (and Earthday founder) Denis Hayes said he

imagines the building being a living structure with many controls and sensors. Parts of the building may even respond differently to the environment. For example, one side of the building faces a busy arterial, another a green park-like area and a third side faces a quiet street. It is “entirely possible,” he said, that each side will look and function differently.

They have selected an architect (Miller/Hull) but are still looking for project partners.  They hope to have early design drawings by late summer.

What Will Happen to TT Minor Site?

I found this presentation on the school district’s website from a couple of weeks ago, in which staff made recommendations about what to do with closed school buildings.

Interesting tidbits related to TT Minor:

  • TT Minor is apparently considered a building in an area of the city “projected for growth but school age population may not be a factor”
  • TT Minor is proposed to be placed in “inventory” status, with a note that it may be needed again, but probably not within the next 3 years.

So it sounds to me like the district won’t be selling off the property to developers or even leasing it for use as a community center any time soon.