Join Central Area Neighbors to Celebrate a Pear Tree Enjoyed By All!

On Sunday, March 29th, at the corner of 27th Avenue and East Cherry Street, there will be a gathering at noon to dedicate our 130 year old pear tree as the “Best in City.”   The small but sweet event will begin at noon and feature a few speakers, the ‘unveilng’ of a stone that we had carved to commemorate the spot, and pear snacks for all to enjoy.  We’ll have a tent up because it looks like rain, but we really want to float some good energy into the spot close to where Tyrone Love was murdered not that long ago.  These trees can live to 600 years old, and many of you have seen it in bloom over the years around this time of year. Most of us are tree lovin’ folks, so come on over and check it out!  The Samuelsens.

Happy event to take place on East Cherry Street and 27th Avenue–Noon March 29

The 130 year old pear tree on the corner of 27th and Cherry has been recognized as “Best in City” by the Seattle Heritage Tree Program and its co-sponsors, Plant Amnesty and the City of Seattle.  The tree has been featured in numerous books and is one of the largest in Washington State.  It is fruit-bearing and is actually relatively young–this species (Pyrus communis) has been know to live for up to 650 years!  It flowers out magnificently with white flowers that fill the intersection with radiance.  The dedication will have a few speakers, including the city arborist, and we will unveil a stone that we have had inscribed to honor the tree.  As property owners for over twenty years of this special spot, we welcome everyone to this gathering and we can make pear cider toasts to the health of the tree, the neighborhood and all of those who attend.  We’ll have tables set up and a tent if it is raining, so if you’d like to bring a pear dish of some sort to share then please do!  Sunday, March 29, noon. The Samuelsens.