Saturday Evening Fight in StarBucks at 23rd and S.Jackson

I’ve always been really impressed with the stories posted on this site, but I am a little surprised that there has been no mention of the huge fight that happened in StarBucks on Saturday 1/29 has gotten no mention. I would think that a large group of teenagers running into the store, throwing each other around (and into me and my baby) hitting each other with a golf club and pepper spraying the entire (crowded )place would have warranted a mention by now.

   My tone isnt meant to sound snarky either, I was looking to see people’s take on the event. The store was crowded with people, my husband and I felt lucky that we got a table to sit at and play cards. We had been there maybe twenty minutes…maybe when the large group rushed in. One girl attacked another not three feet from where I was sitting holding my three month old son. While my husband stood to block them I got him out of the store, luckily right before a couple of them decided to pepper spray the entire place. Since I ran out ahead of time my son and I were fine but I missed alot of what happened inside.

My husband was ill from the pepper spray, I feel very lucky that I had decided to get outside before the spray happened, but I was also really worried for the other people inside. Ages from teens to elderly were present. The police came very quickly, though I still dont know if any arrests were made.