Central District: The Movie ???

Did you know that the CD has a movie? Well, it does, and its brought to you by Mob Type Productions and Mac D. It appears to be loosely based on the NYT bestseller “Central District: The Book”. I never thought that they could translate that masterpiece to film but somehow they did. Not a lot of action though, mostly loitering, dice, drugs, and guns. Why has the board of tourism not picked up on this film? They could use it. After all, it has a Booyah Rating of 90%.

Animal Cruelty?

The weather this time of year makes me feel sorry for the little things that can’t get out of the elements. They have to endure the rain, the cold, and the wind. What makes me furious is when people force their pets to be outside, exposing them to winter conditions.

There is a house in my neighborhood, I won’t give the address, I’ll just say its near Garfield playfield, that keeps a pit bull caged outside with absolutely no shelter from the weather. It is cooped up in a chain-link cage and is never let out. If its raining, its out there. If its snowing, its out there. It has no way to seek shelter and I have never seen anyone let it out. I assume it gets fed, because its still alive.

The owner knows this is wrong because he surrounds the cage with junk to obscure its visibility from the street.

To me, this is nothing more than animal cruelty. Am i right? Who should I contact to report this?

I don’t understand why people have animals and don’t take care of them. I think that you can tell alot about a person by the way they treat animals. So what does this tell me?? This guy’s a scumbag!!