Future of Philly Cheese Steak Site

23rd and Union again…

An acquaintance of mine is considering using the Philly Cheese Steak site to start a bi-lingual childcare center (spanish/english). She hopes to re-do the site, (keeping the same building). add a playground outside, and provide childcare during the week (and let the church next door use it on Sundays).

At first, I had misgivings — but as I think about it, I think it could be really positive for the neighborhood, and it certainly beats having some other tenant in the building (e.g, like a KFC or other fast-food, which the owner is considering.) I know that if she does it, she will need help from the surrounding community in very concrete ways like help constructing the play equipment etc.

Is this something the community would support and get behind? What do you think?