Injured raptor

This city never ceases to amaze.

At about 7 p.m. Sunday evening, our car was struck by a raptor (bird of prey), edit:  apparently a Cooper’s hawk, at 23rd & E Columbia. I was able to track it into a driveway on 23rd and keep an eye on it while my husband looked for info on who to call for a rescue, but after a little while it got spooked and ran off towards E Marion. It turned up a driveway just before Marion and disappeared into greenery and we were unable to find it again.

The bird is injured; its left wing doesn’t work properly (there’s a good chance it’s broken) and it can’t fly. It’s mottled brown and cream along the head, has a brown back, tail, and wings, with a mostly-cream breast. It has a very sharp yellow-brown beak and brownish legs. There are bands on both its legs, and the band on the left leg is blue. The bands indicate that someone is tracking it.

If anyone has any information on this bird or on who to contact in a situation like this, please let us know. And please keep an eye out. While I fear the most likely outcome for this little guy is to be caught by another predator, there’s always a chance we can get it some help.

Edit: We were able to find the number for Sarvey and have left a message with them. Thank you to everyone for your help.