The Fence Has Got To Go

Concept: Public means for us all. 

Please join me this Saturday, 11/19 from 2 to 4 to enjoy a park that has not been  very public for quite some time!  For the day I have a new name for the Madison Park North Beach, it will be the “1% Park for a Day Park”.  Bring a friend, a ball, a frisbee, some coffee, your dog and see the view blocked by a nice old fence.  I will have a petition for the Parks Board supporting removal of the fence and requesting that the Parks Dept. put a regular Parks sign, you know, the tan,red, orange, green and blue park sign, that is in every other park in our area and the City except this one.  Also, go to Google Earth, put in 43rd Ave E and E Lynn and see an amazing view!  The day the view was taken Madison Beach, 3 blocks down, will show wall to wall people and at the “1% Park” exactly 1 person on a towel, perfect 1% and 99% use of 2 “public” parks.  You can also e-mail the Parks Board at [email protected] to give you view on this.  Next hearing will be Dec. 8th, so get it in ASAP.  Help increase open space and water access for us all.  The #11 bus stops right at the “1% Park” and there is street parking.

Editor’s Note: See our previous story for more background on the Madison Park North Beach fence debate.