saturday night break-in!3{2}&!3{2}captured suspect

At about eleven o’clock Saturday night there was a squeal of a car. A minute later I heard shouting. As I moved into our living room to check it out I heard, “Get down on the sidewalk! Down on the sidewalk!” I wasn’t sure what it was about.
A robbery? The police? There were no lights or sirens. Then, “DOWN ON THE GROUND NOW! DOWN ON THE GROUND NOW – DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID OR I WILL SHOOT YOU! in a super booming/authoritative police voice.

Sound travels right through the house so I knew it was directly outside/below our windows before I was there. Our shades were closed and I didn’t know what was happening, but I didn’t want to hang out by the window and wait for possible gunfire – I went to the other side of the apartment.

When it was quiet for a few minutes I went back and looked outside the window. There were two police cars. A few minutes later there was a knock at our door. A police officer told me there had been a break-in nearby and that the suspect ran through our yard and dropped some stuff that he had just removed (I think clothing/gloves/bag). He said it was still warm to the touch, but he wanted to confirm it was not ours. They had apprehended the man just outside. The officer said they would be around for a little while to look around and photograph the yard.

We are between Yesler and Jackson near the Buddhist Churches.
Does anyone know where the break-in was or have any details about it?

Update by scott: I went back to our scanner recordings and got a few details:

  • Call came in about 10:50pm for a burglary in progress in the 200 block of 17th Ave S. 
  • One complainant said that the suspect was outside in front of her window in the front yard, described as a black male, 30s, 5’6″ tall, glasses, wearing a red hooded sweater (it’s not clear if he was trying to break into that house or not)
  • The suspect took off southbound when the resident approached the window
  • Police spotted him at 16th & Main and took him into custody
  • He had ditched the red hoody and some sort of tool in a yard.  Police recovered those items
  • The suspect told police that he was trying to contact an ex-lover or girlfriend
  • Police found an open back door in a house in the 200 17th S.  They went in and found it to be secure
  • A witness gave a positive ID of the suspect
  • The suspect was taken to King County Jail at 11:33pm.