Attempted Arson?

This morning on my walk I came upon a neatly piled (potential) bonfire in the alley between 25th and 26th, north of Columbia. It was not burning, but could have been. The pile consisted of an upended couch, tires, scrap wood, and an old metal 5-gallon can of paint which had soaked the couch and created a huge pool of oil underneath. (Also there was a television and computer monitor nearby.)  It appeared to be all items that people may have put out in the alley for eventual trips to the dump — except for the wood that may have come from a nearby yard waste container overflowing with scrap wood. I called the fire department and they came to take care of it.   I mention this to the community only as a reminder that  keeping flammable material locked up, or taken to the dump/transfer station helps keep crimes of opportunity to a minimum.