Rats in the Neighborhood

It’s summer in Seattle and the rats are looking for food! This seems to be a bad year for rats in the Central District and its good to be aware of what we can do to keep them out of our yards and homes. It seems gross but we shouldn’t ignore this “not so fun fact” about the neighborhood. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t eating or living in your yard. Welcome to City living!

1. Make sure your garbage is secure and tightly closed, try to limit putting rotting food in the bin until trash day

2. Keep your yard clean, rats love to nest under wood piles and in tall grass

3. Rats will feed on almost anything (even pet waste) and they seem to love fresh summer fruits and vegetables growing in your yard. I know we all love to grow our own veggies but know that you will most likely be sharing them with the rats

4. Don’t feed birds – you’ll be feeding more rats and attracting them to your yard

Reminder – Rats can fit through any space the size of a silver dollar so make sure your fence and house don’t have open areas.