The Pollinator Pathway project-getting ready for next phase

The Pollinator Pathway is a plan to create a series of pollinator-friendly gardens along a mile-long stretch of Seattle’s Columbia Street in Seattle. Standard twelve foot wide planting strips (typically a grass-covered area between the sidewalk and curb) will be transformed into gardens, offering viable food and habitat to pollinators. 

Thanks to a grant from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and the labor of dozens of volunteers, a demonstration Pathway garden is in place at 27th Avenue and East Columbia, as well as a newly planted garden at 17th. Landscaping plans and plant selections for the entire Pathway have also been completed, and we are now seeking additional funding and labor donations to complete the next 16 gardens along the Pathway.

How to Participate: The project is looking for volunteers to pledge time to the project- helping prepare soil and plant the gardens at our planting party days this fall. Any number of hours pledged will help this fantastic project. We’re also interested in help with planning and outreach from now until fall. Please email us for details at [email protected] Website: