lost cat

Today I found a sign taped to a telephone pole saying “cat found” and a picture of my cat with a telephone number of animal control and a case number.  Apparently somebody picked her up wed afternoon, in front of my house, and brought here to the pound as a stray.  Now I have to pay $85 to get her out and produce some kind of ID (which I lost today) or they euthanize her Monday.   My dogs are a menace to the neighborhood when they get out, this I understand.  My kids are a public nuisance if they throw rocks and vandalize your house and anyone is perfectly within their rights to call the cops before they call me.  But a cat?  I know she is clingy, codependent and neurotic; she will crap in your flower bed, sit on your car and wander into the street, but animal control? really?   You do know that a trip to the pound is a death sentence?  They can only hold animals 72 hours, I don’t know when you put the sign up but I only found it saturday morning.  What pisses me off is that she was right in front of my house on the sidewalk when she got snatched, does this mean only indoor cats are to be tolerated from now on?  Basically because she is so unafraid of people (unlike my other cats) she got collared.      I know whoever did this was looking out for the best interests of the cat,  but it just caused a big hassle for me.   I guess I should have her micro chipped or wear a collar and tag but it seemed like a needless expense at the time.  Can I be a casual pet owner in this neighborhood or have we upped the standards recently?  I have had her spayed and wormed/vaccinated regularly,  I just neglected the visible form of Identification.  Please feel free to contact me about this matter if you are concerned.   Peter   154 22nd ave-