Patrick Lewis … Charming Central District Panhandler – Actually knocks on your door!


Patrick Lewis, Central District Door-Knocking Panhandler, getting away.

I had a man knock on my door last night; I’m a new arrival around 19th Avenue and Marion. My boyfriend answered the door, and “Patrick” introduced himself (he was straddling his bike), and said that he lives a few doors down.  He said he was locked outside of his house, and needed $4 more to pay off the locksmith.  My boyfriend gave him a $5 bill and we both walked outside to see Patrick “off to his house.”

He rode off, then came back (as he realized that we were watching him) and told me that he “feels me” and how much he appreciates our generosity and the kindness of us. And just as I’m about to feel like the dumbest f*cking new Midwesterner-Now-In-Seattle, he said, “The locksmith had to run an errand, so I have to meet him back here in a few minutes.”  I’m thinking to myself, “You got T-A-K-E-N!”

He also mentioned that he is a hard working black, gay man, and that he appreciated my neighborly kindness. I said, “Well, I don’t care about the black, or they gay, but sometimes,  ya just need a hand.”  He smiled REAL BIG like.

Patrick is about 5 foot 9 inches, light brown skin, gray hair, about 60 years old. Missing a few teeth. Good manners. A little run down.

Either way, he was harmless, it only cost $5, he didn’t seem to be “casing the joint,” or anything, but panhandling by knocking on people’s doors after 8 pm … really, Patrick???

I would officially like to start the Panhandlin’ Patrick Parade. To be held never.

No, but seriously, if you see Patrick out, get his photo, and post here. Let’s see how many we can get!!!   We’ll have a review and contest winner in July.