grey & white cat spotted :(

About an hour ago, bike riding by the parking lot of the Central Area youth center, I noticed a dead white & grey cat in the parking lot.

White, grey, somewhat long haired.

Super bummer. Not sure if it has tags, but thought I’d post a note in case anyone is missing a cat. :(


fake gay neighbor…

Is back.

Tonight around 8pm our doorbell rang (we are near 23rd & yesler), and I opened it to a fellow that introduced himself as he held out his hand to shake, as ‘a new neighbor’.

I shook his hand and asked where he was a neighbor from, and he quickly responded that he and his boyfriend just moved in nearby.

(At that point I had heard the story before from a few years ago since he had come to our door and went into the story of being new to the neighborhood, had a boyfriend, and was locked out and needed a couple bucks for a locksmith.

Flash forward a few years and numerous posts on this site and I had a pretty good idea of what he was going to say.)

So as he told me he and his bf were new to the neighborhood I quickly let him know that I was sorry but couldnt help him out. He seemed caught off guard and quickly asked where Lincoln Towing was. I told him I didnt know and he quickly walked away.

I think he got a pretty good idea that I had already heard his story before and he already made the rounds with our immediate neighbors as well. 

Also I felt the need to post due to the fact that via a friend this summer he stopped by a house and when they opened the door and he went through the same routine (new, had a bf, locked out of house or car), he may have caught a good glimpse of the interior and later that same night there was coincidentally a break-in at their house (while the homeowners were home!) and specific items were taken almost as if the burgler knew exactly where to go. Coinicidence?

Tonight when I opened the door not knowing who it was, I did keep the door half-shut and I’d suggest others be cautious as well to any stranger at your door.