Troubling precedent

The following is a story from the PI. Superior Court Judge Catherine Shaffer released a man from jail – one charged with murder for drowning his three year old step-daughter and theft for defrauding the state of workers’ comp – into the custody of his father, so he could see his dentist for a bad tooth. This man, whose bail is set at $5M, had already seen the Jail’s dentist and been told the tooth should be removed. The Judge allowed him to be released with no supervision.(!!!!) I hope this doesn’t send the wrong message to inmates about how to get a half day pass from jail.

Officer Chin – let’s make him Officer of the Quarter

Let’s recognize our East Precinct Officers for their work for our community. It seems like Officer Chin has had a particularly great crime-fighting streak recently, ranging from bike recovery to stopping suspects as they tried to run him down.
It would be great to have him return from his administrative leave to the accolades he deserves for his efforts in the CD. Please write a letter to Captain McDonagh with a copy to Chief John Diaz, (Interim Chief & Operational Chief), Assistant Chief Nick Metz (Patrol Operations Chief); Mayor Nickels and the council, encouraging him to recognize Officer Chin as Officer of the Quarter. Our boys in blue need to know we support them and their efforts to keep our neighborhoods safe.