Woman Screaming at 27th and E. Union – UPDATE: Robbed at gunpoint

Last night at about 11:30pm I heard a woman screaming in the ally at about 27th and E. Union. Then there followed what sounded like several gun shots from a small caliber weapon. Within minutes there were at least three squad cars in the area, as well as police dogs. What the heck happened and why can’t I find anything out about this incident?

EDITOR’S UPDATE: A woman on her way to the airport was robbed and assaulted while waiting at the bus stop on the north side of Union near 27th Ave, according to the police report.

The three suspects walked past her around 11:30 p.m., then doubled back around a building and came through a wooden gate in the fence behind her. One of the suspects pointed a black, semi-automatic handgun at her and told her to “be quiet.” He is described as a black male in his 20s, 6’1″ with a slim build, short hair, black baseball cap, while polo shirt with black trim around the collar and black baggy jeans.

The woman began screaming, and the man with the gun punched her in the face. The other two men then pushed her to the ground and tried to take her black messenger bag, dragging her across the sidewalk in the process.

A passer by saw what was happening and came to her aid. The witness was able to grab the first suspect, but the suspect swung his arm and escaped. The other two suspects fled the scene with the woman’s bag and orange suitcase. Despite a K9 search, they were not located.

Among the stolen items were her MacBook laptop, $3,000 in cash, her wallet and airline tickets, according to the report.

Police provided her with a courtesy transport to Seatac Airport.