Election night events

I thought we could use this space to gather ideas of election night parties/ gatherings. Anyone know where there will be a fun viewing venue? 4 years ago, I went to Richard Hugo house which was great until the returns started streaming in. Not sure it they are doing anything this year. I know there must be a ton going on around this part of town, so let’s gather ideas and post!! (I did not put this in the post event section because I have no event to add!)… Kathleen

Beeping noise near 24th and Pine

Does anyone who lives close to 24th and Pine hear that beeping noise? It has been going on for almost 2 days now, and sounds like the beep when a truck is backing up. It is constant– all day and night. It beeps, then after about a ten second pause, will do it again (and on and on and on)…..it is definitely coming from outside, sounding like a bit towards the SE…