Dora the Explorer Scam/Burgler

Just a heads up to keep your eye out for a woman I confronted this morning around 7 a.m. prowling the neighborhood near Judkins & MLK. She tripped the power to my home by breaking into the electrical box and then proceeded to try and get into a neighboring garage using the security keypad. I called the police and confronted her. She said she was “on a Dora the Explorer adventure mission” and tried to extract personal info on me which of course I didn’t give. She left just before SPD arrived.

She’s an approximately 30-year old african american woman, about 5’9″, thin, dressed nicely in jeans and a black leather jacket and clear sunglasses on her head. Her hair was pulled back. She could have passed easily for someone looking to buy a home in the complex had it not been 7 a.m. and had she not been messing with my power box. It was very strange.