Traffic Woes? Might Be Time For A New RPZ?

Having a harder time parking on your block these days?  Are you seeing cars trolling around the block looking for parking in the morning and leaving around quitting time?  If you are not already in a restricted parking block, it might be time to consider lobbying you neighbors for a Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ).


Every neighborhood is different with different parking needs, but if your block is not a designated RPZ here are five reasons you might want to consider it:

1)    Traffic:  Less parking for commuters means more people on the bus. If we make it harder to park, a tipping point may be reached where commuters change their behavior and take the bus or other alternative transit options.

2)    May be Free: In some areas businesses impacting parking will pay for the restricted parking zone.  For example, Swedish pays for the permits in the Squire Park/Cherry Hill Zone 2.

3)    60% Rule:  Just need agreement from 60% of your neighbors along the street.

4)    Easy forms:  Contact the city and they will send you the form and tell you which address are included.

5)    Pollution: Ok, not everyone cares about the environment, but once you have a RPZ zone, fewer cars will be trolling around your home looking for parking and more people will be taking buses or riding the (someday to be completed) light rail.

To research this blog, we contacted the City of Seattle. They are eager to help and all of the information is on their website. For more information please go to: