Help Samarya Center stay in the CD and thrive!

samarya_about_975x415Located at 18th and Yesler since 2001, the Samarya Center offers yoga classes, teacher training, and yoga-based therapy.  Samarya is also a training institute for Integrated Movement Therapy, a clinically sound therapy method rooted in the philosophy, practice and spirit of yoga.  The Samarya Center is not just another yoga studio, it is a place where people suffering with mental or physical disabilities can find healing through movement.

Due to the recent sale of the MK Fish building, Samarya will be moving out of their current location at the end of the year.  However, they remain committed to the Central District community and have identified a new space where Samarya can continue to provide welcoming yoga classes that are accessible to people of all backgrounds and ability levels.   The new Samarya Center will be located at 17th and Jackson, above Cheeky Cafe.  In order to fund the move into this new space, they have initiated a fundraising campaign on the Indiegogo site.  The money raised will go towards remodeling the space, including installing flooring and lighting, as well as towards the first year of rent.  Additional funds raised will be used to provide scholarship money for people needing assistance with therapy fees or teacher training tuition.

Samarya is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, so any donations are tax deductible.   You can find more information about what Samarya offers to the CD at their website,, or contact them at [email protected].  You can watch a video about Integrated Movement Therapy, or donate to the campaign, at

“Samarya” means community, and this business has been a positive force in our community for 13 years.  Let’s help them stay here and stay strong!20131111214915-rw_and_alex20131111224036-IMG_6668