Powell Barnett and that Strange Object

I give.  What is that long pole like object with three square green bases holding it up off of the grass?


Update by scott: Here’s a photo we got this morning. Doesn’t provide many answers though. Parks employee we spoke to is clueless as well. Anyone else know?


Can’t help hide my disappoinment seeing all of the Broadstripe ads on CD news.  Broadstripe is terrible, they continue to be terrible.  Cancelling my subscription to Broadstripe next week.  Hope the CD residents & CD news continue to stay on top of the ISP issue in our neighborhood.

UPDATE:  Today I received my CLEAR usb modem.  Within 15 minutes of opening the package I had 4G, unlimited internet access.  The difference is palpable.  And $40mo. 

Agreed.  No begrudgement to CD News.  BEST news source in the hood.