Garfield Students In Need of Old Computers for Nicaragua

A group of Garfield High students are collecting computers, functional or broken, this Saturday from 10-3 at the 76 station in Montlake. While a little north of the CD, the computer drive is in preparation for a service learning trip to Nicaragua at the end of the month and all donations are tax deductible. As part of the group Technology Services Corps, the Bulldogs will take a set of computers to an underprivileged school in Nicaragua, and teach the students there how to type, word process, and connect to the internet. Call 206-963-1004 with any questions.

Garfield Messenger Covers the School’s Still-Incomplete Remodel


The Garfield Messenger recently published a feature chronicling the many delays, problems and miscommunications that have left the school with a building that is still under construction after four years of work.

Sitting in the Garfield counseling office, Ken Courtney points to spots of mud spattered on his window. “See this? This is left over from work they did two years ago. There are two switches in the counseling office that have never 

worked, and we can’t turn the lights off. I don’t believe Garfield will ever be finished,” he says.

The beginning of the next school year will mark Garfield’s second anniversary in the new building, yet construction is not yet complete. Random holes in the walls are still apparent, and the water fountains still run warm on occasion. Contractors can still be seen flitting around the school on a regular basis, and the list of teacher complaints with the building spans nine pages and hundreds of entries.

The rest of the article can be found at and tells a tale of the mismanagement and communication failures seen throughout the project.