Theft at Medgar Evers Pool

Tonight (Friday, May 6) in the ten minutes I was in the shower at Medgar Evers Pool, from 6:20 to 6:30, someone stole about $50 from my duffle in the men’s locker room.  The only people in there were a dozen boys of various ages, none beyond high school.  They had to take the duffle off it’s hook while my eyes were closed or back turned, which was pretty gutsy.  My stuff was a bit scattered in the room, and one of the guys, under my frustrated attention, did find my towel, but no one came up with the money, of course.  Not wanting to try a scene, I didn’t make much fuss  beyond reporting it at the front desk.  I should have yelled for any of their parents in the pool area to come in and look for the money in the kids’ possessions. 

If your son went to the Medgar Evers pool for a 6:30 swim tonight (Friday, May 6), have a look through his stuff.  If you find a couple 20’s and some singles that shouldn’t be there, let me know.  And give him what for. 

I know I shouldn’t have given them the opportunity, but come on, ten minutes in the shower, with the bag in sight.  After swimming there since the mid-90’s (and volunteering for high school students every month for years), it’s just sad. 

Be warned.