Sept 18th 10am – 3pm: Sliding Scale Plant Sale at Gatzert Elementary Parking Lot

Less Driving. More Fresh Food. Less Spending. More Healthy. LINK

On September 18

th, Cascadian Edible Landscapes & Creatives4 Community is hosting their first Sliding-Scale Plant Sale to help get your winter gardens off to a great start! We will be starting at 10AM at Gatzert Elementary School located at 14th and Yesler Way. Come locally pick-up your Assorted Mixed Flats of winter vegetable crops.

Winter is Coming!

The Sliding-Scale Community Plant Sale is our opportunity to bring you ready-to-plant flats of winter crop just in time for a winter season planting. 

We offer wonderful, in-city grown, organic plant starts of over-winter seasonal crops for a sliding-scale price of $20-$50 per flat to provide access to healthy winter options at a price that more people can afford. Each flat contains enough starts for a 8’ x 20’ garden plot.