Door-To-Door “GE Techinicians” Scam

I just had two males come to our front door, asking funny questions about our alarm system. (They saw the Monitronics sign posted in our front yard.)  They wanted to know if our system was wireless or connected through the phone line, and if I could identify (from a laminated sheet) which alarm panel was ours.  They wanted to come into our home to look at the panel and to provide a free upgrade to wireless, if possible.

I asked them for a business card, but neither had one.  They had clipboards, and one was wearing a “GE” jacket, however it could’ve been purchased at a thrift store.

I told them I was calling the police, and I did.  The Seattle police took a report, and also came to my home.  The police also patrolled the area.

Please be aware of these guys, as I don’t think they are legitimate.  I think that they’re casing people’s homes for burglary, and to find out more about people’s alarm system. 

I hope this info is helpful!

Was Car Accident at 23rd and Cherry a Police Chase? (1/5/12)

While driving home tonight, we passed through the intersection at 23rd and Cherry, where we observed a car accident with response vehicles (an ambulance, a fire truck, and at least 2 or 3 police cruisers). This was around 8:45 PM on Thursday 1/5/2012. It appears that a Mercedes crossed the center lane and crashed into a dark blue SUV, in front of Coyote Central. It may have also caused some fender benders with the cars parked behind the SUV.

We think it might have been a police chase that ended in a car crash, since there didn’t appear to be a second vehicle actively involved (besides already parked cars).

Did anyone else see the accident or have additional details?

We hope everyone is safe and that the parked cars are able to file claims successfully for any damage.