Recent Front Porch Scam in Neighborhood

I was scammed this week by someone who arrived on my front porch at dusk. My first clue should have been that he pounded on the door (without using the clearly marked doorbell), creating a false sense of urgency. Second clue was the too many details story (technique used by liars) name, employer, partner’s employer etc. He gave his name as Patrick and the problem he need cash help with was to “pay the locksmith”, as he was locked out of his house. Third clue: He asked for sympathy, to gain my trust -have you ever been locked out? 4th Clue: Couldn’t give the name of the locksmith and last  clue: he knew something about a car I had owned before (creepy).

He asked for a small amount and promised to return it “as soon as he paid the locksmith and got back into his house”. And did he return? Not yet.

This is all easy to write down afterwards; I usually get rid of people like this right away, but maybe the moon was full!  Should I call in a description to the police?