Another point of view on East Howell Street…

I don’t own property on East Howell Street, nor do I want to move a craftsman home down it…I have no vested interest in either side. I look at this situation from a different vantage point.
I grew up in Southern California…a third generation Californian I made my first visit to Washington in 1975 with my fiancee…a third generation Washingtonian. It was love at first sight. Open spaces…room to breathe.
I saw “Don’t Californicate Washington” bumperstickers all over, and I had to agree.
To have a decades old corkscrew willow tree is a true gift. There are MANY well preserved Craftsman-style houses throughout the Puget Sound region, as well as the entire United States
Please take a trip and look at Southern California before taking the gift of greenery so lightly…while there is still time to control the “Californication.” Ten to fifteen years is a long time to wait to recover the natural beauty of “an unusually large and soothing urban canopy.”
We are stewarts. Let’s leave some breathing space for our children…especially those in urban neighborhoods.