Update from Whoville–house burglary

Just as the winter wonderland has not deterred the shoplifters at QFC, unfortunately Scott’s scanner shut down and wish for holiday peace is no match for the criminal element in the CD.

Our house (18th between Union and Cherry) was robbed sometime between 2:30-4pm on Christmas Eve. We had gone out for last minute grocery run to Madison Market and returned to find our front door wide open–it had been smashed in/pried off the hinges with a snow shovel.

As usual, the MO appeared to be get in/get out. Although every room in the house showed evidence of been lightly rifled through, only small electronics were taken (two laptops, a camera, a cell phone). In a creepy holiday bonus, all of our Christmas presents were partially opened, but then left behind, as apparently neither nerd board games such as Carcassone or the sweater from my mother-in-law were what they were after. Most frustratingly, our book bags (one back pack and one messenger bag) were taken, presumably to have something to carry the laptops in, since I imagine they have little street value. However, they also had lots of papers representing hours and hours of work as well as much other cheap but hard replace flotsam of everyday life. Ugh.

We have lived here for 7 years, and been robbed before (in the summer, through a window), but this feels worse, I guess because the smashed in front door is so violating, and the whole what-a-sucky-thing-to-happen-at-Christmas angle. Enough to make one consider moving to less crime-ridden part of town. Nevertheless, Christmas has come just the same, and I remind myself of all the things we love about our location, including some great neighbors and a cool neighborlog. So keep those alarms set folks, and enjoy your roast beast today.