Found friendly, orange cat – injured!

Hi all –

Yesterday this friendly, orange cat was outside the Hoa Salon on 29th and Madison.  Today a woman came to my door trying to find the owner.  She said the cat was injured (sprained leg) and she’d taken it to a vet.  The vet will give it to a shelter in a day or so.  If this is your cat, please call me at 384 8047.  –  Dylan

Girl beaten and thrown from car near arboretum on 4/21

At 730pm on 4/21 residents on 29th Avenue East and East Roy street heard a woman screaming and screaming, then begging “Help me! Someone help me!”  The African American woman, who appeared to be in her late teens or early 20’s, stated that she was not from the area, didn’t know where she was, and had been beaten by two acquaintances, then thrown from a black, newer, jeep grand cherokee.  Her face bleeding and much of her hair in the street, she lay approximately 100 feet south of her belongings, with visible drag marks on the back of her clothing.  It appeared that she’d been ejected from the car at the point where her belongings lay, then dragged 100 feet south before the car careened at high speed southbound around the corner of 29th Avenue East then westbound on Roy street.  During the flight up Roy the car swerved to avoid a parked car then nearly hit two pedestrians.  Fire then police responded to the scene.