The Furnace Reading Series at Hollow Earth Radio

When was the last time you got to hear a story all the way through? Well, this time you won’t have to be in your PJs.

Launching this Wednesday, August 1, 6-7pm, The Furnace is a quarterly reading series showcasing one new prose writer (fiction, nonfiction, playwriting) at a time. Anca Szilagyi, Seattle resident and blogger for Ploughshares will read her short story “More Like Home Than Home” with performer Kristen Young at Hollow Earth Radio (2018 E. Union Street).

The Furnace’s mission is to encourage innovative storytelling and a vibrant literary community in the Northwest. In an effort to integrate an ever spreading community The Furnace is performed in front of a live audience and broadcast online at Hollow Earth Radio. To complete the experience, audience members can hold the story in their hands with a professionally designed chapbook of the performer’s work.

In order to cultivate a healthy, vibrant literary community, each event will showcase a new writer every time and in some cases one who hasn’t read in Seattle before. The writer can focus on sharing their work in innovative ways. And you, the listener, can settle back and enjoy. And maybe your ma will recognize the sound of you shuffling around, though this time on air.


The Furnace Reading Series @Hollow Earth Radio

August 1, 6-7 pm

2018 E. Union Street