Police activity in Ezell’s parking lot (tuesday afternoon)

Yesterday i saw about a dozen police cars racing around 23rd yesterday about 3pm. They ended up at Ezell’s parking lot, blocking traffic on Jefferson. About 5 guys and 1 girl were taken into custody and their car was towed. The whole situation lasted more an hour. 

Does anyone have any information about what happened? I didn’t see any postings? Thanks.

Trash: a constant problem at 23rd and Jefferson…remedy coming soon!?

Hey neighbors,
i live at 23rd and Jefferson, and for the past year of me living there (I am a new homeowner btw), I have been picking up other people’s trash (mostly from Ezells and/or processed junk from AM/PM) that spans the whole length of where i live. I am not writing to vent, well…maybe a little. I am here to report that Metro and the City of Seattle will (hopefully) be putting 1-2 trash cans in the area: one at the bus stop and 1 on the corner (status pending on both accounts).

I hope they see fit to do so. There was a trash can there at one point, but the Seattle Parks Dept. took it for some odd reason. Wish me luck — i am just trying to be a proud homeowner and keep our neighborhood and streets free of trash.

Thanks for reading my first post!

PS: Having the proposed trash cans there may not stop lazy people from littering, but I hope it will condition those that do that (it is none of you, i know) to begin using these new (proposed receptacles)!